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Active Support

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Person-Centred Active Support


Is an approach that empowers individuals with learning disabilities to actively participate in their daily lives, fostering independence and promoting their engagement.

The implementation of Active Support began in the summer of 2017, initially through eight pilot programs across England and Scotland. The success observed during these pilots led to a broader rollout, which commenced in October 2018. This expansion includes comprehensive training for practice leaders, observers, and support staff.

Active Support undergoes careful evaluation to assess its effectiveness. This evaluation includes formal measures such as the quality of person-centred plans, internal audits, and regular observations where teams are assessed based on five engagement measures.

Additionally, staff members informally gauge the impact of Active Support by regularly convening to share success stories, providing a qualitative assessment of the positive changes brought about by the implementation of this approach.

“I don’t like it when staff do it – I do it all by myself!” – a person we support

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