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Children And Young People’s Services

Childrens Hospital

Children And Young People’s Services

In response to demands from family carers and commissioners, we are extending our support to children and young people with learning disabilities.

Our offer includes:

  • Positive Behaviour Support

We can support the development of skills, improve the quality of life and wellbeing for the young person and their parents, and reduce the frequency and intensity of behaviours that challenge. Find out more about our Positive Behaviour Support service.


  • Supported living (age 16+)

Find out more about supported living for young people.


  • Transition support (age 14+)

We can support the young person and their family to have a well-planned and person-centred transition and to develop a range of life skills. Find out more about transition support for young people.

  • Outreach support

We can provide 1:1 support in the home or community, supporting the young person to take part in a range of activities, helping with personal care, and giving the parents regular breaks from their caring responsibilities.

Our Approach

Supported living and other community-based support allow children and young people to return to or remain in their own communities, close to family and friends.

It allows them to become more confident and independent, which in turn leads to increased self-esteem and a reduction in behaviours that challenge.

It also helps young people:

  • have a wider range of outcomes

  • enjoy a greater social life

  • have more choices in their lives

  • develop increased daily living skills

  • access local educational and employment opportunities.

We offer a positive and cost-effective alternative to specialist residential or other costly out-of-area placements, as well as support that prevents a crisis placement.

We also provide continuity of support to the young person through our adult provision which includes supported living, outreach and day opportunities support.

Involvement of the young person, as well as their family, is key to providing person-centred support that offers real choice and progression towards agreed outcomes. We will place the child or young person at the centre of decision-making and seek to bridge the gaps that can exist between agencies.

Contact Us


If you would like to discuss how Platinum24 Healthcare Services can provide tailored support for disabled children and young people, please contact us..

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