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Opportunities Services


Opportunities Services

Regardless of whether someone has a learning disability or not, every person must have the opportunity to engage in enjoyable new activities.

Our opportunities services are specifically designed to assist individuals in achieving personal goals and exploring new experiences, ranging from volunteering to volleyball.

Presently, we provide support for various projects in areas such as theatre, sports, music, art, gardening, health, and beauty. These opportunities are aimed at helping individuals make new friends, broaden their horizons, and actively participate in local community activities.

Our approach to shaping these opportunities is always centred around the individuals involved and the available budget. This ensures that the activities provided are tailored to meet their specific interests and needs.

Our Approach


Which takes advantage of regional activities, opportunities and resources, has resulted in a diverse project portfolio which aims to enrich the lives, and support the independence of people with learning disabilities at all levels.

The people we support are involved at every step of a project’s development, where possible. They nurture the seeds of new projects and then grow them with Platinum24 Healthcare Services’ support.

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