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UK Care Worker Recruitment Scam

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Platinum24 Healthcare Services Ltd and Platinum24 Healthcare CORPORATE SUPPORT SERVICES ltd are UK duly Registered companies which are specialist Domiciliary healthcare; Recruitment Agencies and Healthcare Consultancy Companies are specialist Health and Social Care providers in London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent Essex and their precincts. This Healthcare group of companies were established with the aim of providing quality personal care services to all service users in their own homes on either a permanent or temporary basis. The provider offers domiciliary care and enablement services, complex needs care, and nursing and staff support for older people and those living with learning 

disabilities, challenging behaviour and other inabilities in London, Sussex, Surrey Essex and Kent and their precincts.


It has been brought to our attention that a woman is operating a fraudulent fake healthcare company named Platinum Home Care in Norton Katanga claiming that she is assisting people to migrate to the UK as Healthcare Assistants or Nurse Aiders and Registered nurses. A notice has been circulated in Most of Zimbabwe's Social Media that she has sold non-existent fake COS (Certificate of Sponsorship) defrauding many innocent hardworking people with their money. 


Any news about her or where she is or if anyone sees her report her to the nearest police station in the UK and or Zimbabwe. 



We hereby notify the public that we are not associated with her company in the UK, or in Zimbabwe; Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, India and Malawi or any other country! 


The public is also hereby notified that we do not have anyone representing us on Recruitment abroad in any country whatsoever. Whilst we are offering online training we are not yet recruiting HCAs or Nurses abroad. 


The directors of Platinum24 Healthcare Services Ltd & Platinum24 Healthcare Corporate Support Services Ltd hereby alert the public that: 


We have no relationship whatsoever with the owners of PLATINUM HOME CARE in Norton Katanga Zimbabwe or anyone known as Chiedza Chipangura. 


Furthermore, the PLATINUM24 GROUP of companies have not appointed or nominated or employed any recruitment agent or recruitment representative to hire or sell or offer any COS in Africa or Asia. 


If you were defrauded by Platinum Home Care of NORTON Katanga or Harare in Zimbabwe please contact the nearest police station and file a criminal report forthwith. 


For those in the United Kingdom get in touch with the ACTION FRAUD immediately on 0300 123 20 40 as this is a fraudulent scam. 




Neither are we registered in Zimbabwe now running any HOME CARE facility in Zimbabwe


Thank you. If approached please verify every company does not pay anything to bogus fraudsters. 


From the Managers and Directors of Platinum24 Healthcare Services Ltd & Platinum24 Healthcare Corporate Support Services Ltd.

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