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Specialist Support

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Specialist Support

The individuals under our care may experience mental ill-health, challenging behaviours, a history of offending, as well as a learning disability. However, we firmly believe that these complex needs should not hinder them from living the life they desire, with equal rights and choices as anyone else.

For every person we support, we employ a person-centred approach, ensuring that they are matched with staff members who possess expertise in supporting their specific health needs or challenging behaviours.

Certain individuals we support require specific techniques for their well-being. Our staff undergo training to offer such support, which includes:

  • Positive Behavior Support

  • Person-Centered Active Support

To provide the best possible assistance, we consult with our in-house clinical team, drawing upon their advice and guidance.

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Our Approach

We offer tailored and specialized support to individuals with complex needs. This comprehensive support includes:

  • Assisting individuals with challenging behaviours: Challenging behaviours often stem from frustration and difficulties in effectively communicating needs and desires. By understanding the underlying causes, we can customize the support to meet each individual's specific needs, leading to significant reductions in the frequency and intensity of challenging behaviours. This, in turn, improves their overall quality of life.

  • Supporting individuals with mental health problems, including those who engage in self-harm.

  • Assisting individuals who have had involvement with the criminal justice system.

  • Transition services: These services involve short-term accommodation placements that offer stability to individuals during the transitional period between long-term support solutions. This may include step-through accommodation, personal assessments, and skills development.

Our specialized support division oversees the care of individuals with the most complex needs, who have transitioned into their own homes as part of the Transforming Care program. We can also provide support with housing.

To enhance the quality of support provided, our in-house clinical team, consisting of a Clinical Psychologist, Positive Behavior Support Lead, and Autism Lead, offers expertise, guidance, and support to both the individuals we assist and their support staff teams.

Through this division, we continually develop the skills of our support staff, enabling them to provide the highest level of assistance to those who face the greatest challenges in community living. Our ultimate aim is to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their dreams.


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