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We provide a modern and professional training facility for eager learners to increase engagement in interactive healthcare training

Take Up Healthcare Training With Us


Are you looking to launch or advance your career in the healthcare industry? Unlock your potential with Platinum24 Healthcare Services Ltd's comprehensive healthcare training programs.

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Industry Standard Healthcare Services

Platinum24 Healthcare Services Ltd is proud to offer industry leading healthcare training, including the highly sought after UK Care certificate and UK Healthcare Mandatory Modules.


Gain Experience & Expertise

Our expert trainers bring years of experience and expertise to create an immersive and dynamic learning environment. Apply to our training program today!

Attend Interactive Classes & Seminars


Gain practical knowledge and essential skills through interactive exercises, case studies and real-world scenarios, preparing you for the challenges of the healthcare field.

Enhancing A Collaborative Community

At Platinum24 Healthcare Services Ltd we believe in fostering a collaborative learning community where every voice is valued and every question is encouraged.

Receive personalised attention and mentorship as our trainers guide you throughout your learning journey, ensuring you reach your full potential.



Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the prestigious UK care certificate and the UK Healthcare Mandatory Modules, recognised and respected everywhere.

To get started with our  Training program, click the Enroll Now button and fill in the required details on the forms you will download and send to our email

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