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Patient and Nurse



At Platinum24 Healthcare Services, we aim to ensure that everyone receives the support that best suits their individual needs. Our approach includes:

  • Tailoring our support to meet the specific requirements of each person. Some individuals may receive extensive support throughout the day and night, while others may require support for a few hours per week.

  • Upholding the commitment to deliver exceptional standards of support to every person we assist.

  • Providing a skilled and flexible support team dedicated to serving you.

  • We recognise and respect the unique qualities of each individual we support, which is reflected in our diverse and adaptable support teams.

  • Empowering the people we support by allowing them to choose the staff members they feel most comfortable working with.

  • Ensuring that the support staff teams align with your needs and interests, guaranteeing a suitable match for effective assistance.

Supported living

The majority of individuals we support at Platinum24 Healthcare Services reside in their own homes, which falls under the category of supported living. This setup offers the following benefits:

  • Empowerment in decision-making: In supported living, you have the opportunity to actively participate in selecting both your support providers and your housemates.

  • Collaborative support: We value your input in determining who assists you and the individuals you share your living environment with. Your preferences and compatibility are important factors in creating a supportive and harmonious atmosphere.

At Platinum24 Healthcare Services, we prioritize your autonomy and strive to ensure that your living situation aligns with your choices and promotes a sense of independence and well-being.

Other Needs

We provide support to individuals who have additional needs alongside a learning disability. Our approach includes:

  • Ensuring that individuals with diverse needs receive high-quality support on par with everyone else.

  • Dedication to enabling individuals with other needs, alongside a learning disability, to engage in activities they enjoy.

We understand the importance of catering to a wide range of requirements and work diligently to ensure that each person we support receives the necessary assistance to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Practice Walking

Making things better


At Platinum24 Healthcare Services, we acknowledge that some individuals may have experienced dissatisfaction with their support prior to joining our organization. Our commitment includes the following:

  • Diligently striving to improve their support experience.

  • Working tirelessly to address concerns and make positive changes for their benefit.

We understand the significance of providing a supportive environment that meets individuals' needs and ensures their well-being. At Platinum24 Healthcare Services, we make continuous efforts to enhance the support we provide, ensuring that each person's journey with us is characterized by improvement and positive outcomes.

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